Thursday, March 26, 2009


From here forth, my brother Charles and his fiance Kelly shall heretofore be referred to as Charelly!
Charelly came down for a visit this week. Being spring break for all of us,it worked out well. Kelly had off work on Wednesday and Thursday, so they drove down late Tuesday. They got in and I served them cake. Then Charles announced that he was still hungry. I let him eat a tuna sandwich with the leftover tuna from our tuna melts. (I am trying to see how many times I can use tuna in one sentence!) The next day, Kelly and I went running. We ran 2 miles. Then we showered and lunch. Then it was down to business. The reason for the visit was so that I could take in a bridesmaid dress she was to wear to a wedding in two weeks. So I started in on it. I took it to Alona's appointment at the Dentist. I was still in the deconstruction phase at this point. Alona went to her friend's dad, Dr. Raven. She was really content. Quite the different experience from previous dentists. I think it helps that she knows him as her friends dad first and as a dentist second. It is less scary that way. I mean, why would your friend's daddy be scary?
After an evening of working on the dress, I completed it. I think Kelly is happy with it. We decided to go hot tubbing with Charelly. We took rice krispie treats in with us. It was fun. It got a bit toasty and we didn't stay in too long. Then came the real treat for Charelly- American Idol. Kelly doesn't get any tv stations at her place, so she doesn't get to watch it. Of course, halfway through, our DVR froze. It wouldn't let us fast forward past a certain point, so we watched Ooh, Baby, Baby by Anoop for the second time and then had to suffer through all the commercials! Oh, the horror! We aren't used to that.
They were supposed to leave around noon today. I am always sad to them go! It is so much fun to have visitors! We tried to make the most of the morning, though. I got up early (before 9 am) and, with help, made pancakes, eggs, and sausage served with Orange Juice! No cold cereal here today! Charles manned the pancakes, Jeff made the scrambled eggs, and I cooked the sausage. It was fun and yummy!
A little while later, I made spelt brownies. While they were cooking, I did a practice run on makeup for Kelly for her wedding. I think she liked it. I think she looks beautiful! We took pictures to see how it photographed. We darkened her eyes a little.
Then we ate our spelt brownies. They were yummy, as always. I am not sure how Kelly felt about them, but I told her she would have to get used to it because they would be serving weird stuff at those Naturopath student gatherings! :P I was teasing. Maybe she can make them one day to take to one of those functions and everyone will love them! Maybe not. She said it tasted natural. She also tried some of my real maple syrup. We determined that it tasted "earthy." We did have traditional corn syrup based syrup for the kids and anyone who isn't into maple syrup. It is a bit different, but you get used to it when you aren't constantly eating things made with corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup.
They left about 45 minutes late. The kids were having melt downs at that point, so I sent them all to bed for naps. No one slept, but it was peaceful for me!
Thanks for visiting Charelly!
I will leave you with some pictures. They were before we darkened her eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Kelly impersonating Charles posing for pictures!

I thought this was such a great shot!

This is a nice one of Charelly!

Being silly!

Natalie had to a have a picture with her beautiful almost aunt!


  1. so this name Charelly.....sounds like Bemmily!! I like it.
    It sounds like you had fun. I'm glad that you finally have family close to you. It's not fun being so far away from family. You feel ilke you're on a different planet or something. all this wedding talk is getting me excited!! by the way, are your girls wearing the children's place dresses? or did you make them one? luvs...

  2. I got a card today in the mail. On the return address for "Charelly." It is great that they are using it too!


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