Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today was a beautiful day! The sun was shining and I think it even reached 60 degrees. I begged Jeff to come home early so we could play in the sun as a family! So he came home an hour early. We headed over to the park for some fun.
When we arrived, the park was PACKED! So we headed over to some big art type play structure so we could play on our own. One of those things was shaped like a whale. The kids got inside and I took some pictures. Then we decided to walk over to the play area and join the masses. The kids love this park! It was such a nice time, the kids whined when we left!

The belly of the whale.

Posing at a memorial. This didn't turn out quite how I planned, but it was sure cute of them to hug each other!

The path to the play structures.

The "big" slide.

Ashley posing, as usual!

Natalie on the monkey bar rings. With daddy's help, of course!

Without daddy's help! Love the expression.

On the swings!

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