Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This is our second day of no school. It is supposed to reach a whopping 16 degrees today! We got a little more snow and the partly melted snow from yesterday is completely frozen, so we are under a sheet of ice as well. The rest of the week isn't looking much better. This is the last week of school before the winter break and I wanted the kids in school. They fight more when there is no school, and I was preparing myself for two weeks. Now it looks as though it will be 3 weeks. Not to mention I can't get in any last minute Christmas shopping. It's a good thing I already have everything that really counts...except candy canes! I can always walk to Fred Meyer because it is right across the street. Much closer that Dillons was to Dad's house. I'm thinking I need to escape to the south soon. Arizona? Florida? Hmmmm....

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