Friday, December 19, 2008


Ashley and Alona were sitting at the counter eating pudding this morning. Ashley was telling us that she was going to take care of animals when she grows up. Alona looked at her and asked her if they would still be friends when they are grown up. I told her of course, that's what it means to be sisters. Sisters = friends forever. Ashley said, "We will be friends even if we don't want to."
I know that for me, I feel sometimes my sisters don't consider me a friend. This makes me very sad. I hope for my daughters to never experience this. I want them to always be friends because, to me, that is what a sister should always be. You will never have another friend who is connected to you the way a sister is. There may be friends who come very close, but I have never been as hurt by a friend as I have by a sister. And I must add that I value friendships very dearly. It is harder than most would think for me to lose a friend.
I felt the need to write this down when I heard the girls talking about it because relationships, especially with family, are very important and are one of the most important things we take with us when we leave this life.

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