Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Wow! Opening presents took about 15 minutes. The kids weren't messing around.
Ashley got the Felicity doll- thanks to Aunt Aurelia! The kids got a camera and Disney's Sing It for the PS3. And lots of movies. Like 10. Or more. Jeff got a Fender strat and amp set and shaving supplies (via The Art of Shaving). I got iTunes gift cards. Yay, more music! I always love that. Thanks to the ice/snow in Portland, I guess I still have a gift coming.
We are hosting Christmas "dunch" at our house. It's like brunch, but later (dinner+lunch=dunch). We just got a dining table and are so excited to have people over for meals now. We were just using the kitchen counter to eat at for quite some time. We don't have all of our chairs yet, but we do have plenty of folding chairs.
Merry Christmas!

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