Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catherine's Visit

My sister Catherine came to visit for a few days last week. They are moving to California from Tennessee and have been visiting many places along the way. While they were here we went to the Regal Free Family Movie, the free kids lunch, and then over to the coast. I warned them that the coast would be chilly. I told them to bring sweaters or jackets. I even packed a jacket for Chloe when I got my own kids jackets. But they were still surprised at how chilly and windy it was when we got there. It was probably in the 60's and so very, very windy. The wind was blowing dry sand across the wet compacted sand. It hurt. We had to run with the kids to get past it to the waters edge. We didn't stay at the normal "beach" area for long due to the wind. But we had planned to go to Heceta Head Lighthouse, so we took off for that.

The "beach" area there is more sheltered, and therefore much less wind prevailed. The kids were enjoying the tidal pool there, but we dragged them up the path to the lighthouse before they got too wet. The hike up is rich in foliage and quite beautiful. Of course, July and August are the least green times of year in this area, so I have seen it look even more beautiful, but they wouldn't know the difference. We got up to the lighthouse about 20 minutes after they closed! We still enjoyed the view up there. Sophie even tried to climb the fence and jump over!

After a while we headed back down to the "beach." Now I have quotations because the beach insinuates warmth and sunshine, relaxation and tanning, swimming and such. Not so in Oregon. Jackets are usually required year round at our "beach." But the children played and played when we got back down there. They loved it. Chloe fell in the tide pool.

I am so glad that they were able to visit and enjoy the cool weather and beautiful scenery!

At Driftwood Shores Beach:



At Heceta Head Lighthouse and Beach:
Catherine and Sophie:




Ashton, Catherine, Noah, Sophie, Chloe, and Adam:

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  1. These are great photographs! Nice work Laura. The kids are so cute, I especially love the portraits of Natalie. Fun fun.


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