Monday, July 27, 2009

Slow Progress

Jeff and I got both Alona & Natalie's and Ashley's rooms cleaned out and packed this weekend. Then we started on our room. It is mostly done. The rest of the house has fallen into a state I can barely handle in the process, but we will be conquering one room at a time. Eventually it will all be done. Jeff also got all of the door trim installed- except for one! We ran out of the moulding for the top of the door. But at least all the crown is up (thanks to Jeff's brother-in-law for helping with that!) and painted. We are still waiting on a piece of wood for the bathroom. We were hoping to finish the bathroom over the weekend, but are stuck until that piece arrives. Once we get all the rooms cleaned out and packed, we can start painting the baseboard. We have to clean out the garage (which our friends are coming over this evening to help us with) so that we can move all of the filled boxes and bins out there! Woohoo! We are very slowly making progress!

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