Saturday, July 4, 2009

Charelly's Wedding

Charles and Kelly got married! I drove out to Kansas and then we all headed to Nauvoo, IL for the wedding. I drove over 4000 miles in 13 days. I am exhausted.

The wedding was beautiful. Many of us cried because we all miss my mother. Kelly's dress was gorgeous and she looked absolutely beautiful. Their photographer took really great pictures! The first five here are from her, Clara Thorup. The rest are pictures I took.

This is the Nauvoo temple where they were married.

Charles and Kelly right after the wedding.

Charles and Kelly with all their nieces and nephews. They've got just a few!

My brother Joseph was teaching Ashley how to do the Charleston at the reception.

Joseph and Ashley dancing.

All of Charles' family at the wedding.

Natalie wanted a picture.

And she loves to pose for the camera!

Alona, in a mood!

The Andrews men.

Charles and his sisters (minus Aurelia).

Charles and Kelly with Dad and all Charles' siblings.

The Andrews Clan.

My girls with Charelly.

Ashley looking so beautiful!

Ashley hugging aunt Kelly!

Charles and Kelly with both of Charles' Grandmothers.


  1. Actually - it was Clara Thorup who was their photographer. But thanks for the free advertisement for Nicole :)

  2. A) Love her dress!!
    B) Your girls are not allowed to be that big yet. They are beautiful Laura!!! I love their cute little dresses. Remember how I used to laugh at how they always matched a long time ago, well I've determined it's something you can't help if you have girls. It's soooo fun and my girls match a large percentage of the time!


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