Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Last night all 3 of the girls slept in the same room because Charles was here. I sent him in to check on them because they were being really loud and obviously not even trying to go to sleep. Charles went in there and they asked him to sleep in their room. So he laid down on the bed with Ashley. Then they all wanted him to be in their bed. So he laid across all three beds. He told them that I wanted them to go to sleep but if they wanted to play they should be quiet enough that I couldn't hear. Ashley told him that he isn't supposed to help him and he needs to learn how to be a dad now, before he has kids! I thought that was just so funny, and so much like Ashley. She sure told him!

Today, Natalie wanted a cookie for lunch. Of course I told her no. I told her she could have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She insisted that she only wanted jelly, no peanut butter. I am not backing down on the peanut butter. It is the only thing in the sandwich that has any nutritional value at all (and plenty of sugar, too). So she just grabbed to pieces of bread and started eating them plain. But then she wanted ice cream. I told her no and she needed to go eat her bread. She yelled really loud, "I don't want bread!" I asked her politely to go to her room. She made a really high pitched scream and stomped off to the entry. She screamed a couple more times and then said she didn't want to go to her. Then she promptly went to her room! After about 45 seconds she headed to the kitchen and started eating her bread! What will I ever do with this girl?

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  1. cute story 'bout Charles!

    Aren't you glad you are having a boy? He won't scream, he'll just punch people!


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