Monday, July 20, 2009

What A Boy Means...

I did not realize what having a boy really meant for Jeff's WHOLE family. I knew it was the last chance for the Hojnacke name to live on (well, this line of Hojnackes), but I didn't realize everyone would be so excited. You see, none of Jeff's uncles had any sons. And Jeff has no brothers. So Jeff is the only Hojnacke boy of his generation. Therefore, he is the only chance for the family name to continue. And now that we are having a boy, the name will go on.

Here are some pictures. We go back for another ultrasound next month because he would only cooperate enough to show us he is a boy! Hopefully we will get a good look at his face next time.

The first one shows he is a boy. The second one is the profile with his head on the right and his knees to his chin.


  1. So exciting. I love the new background and pics of the girls.


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