Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nothin' Much

We haven't had a whole lot out of the norm going on around our house. Jeff got the hot tub up and running about 2 weeks ago. I've been in once. He took Ashley and Alona out for a soak yesterday. They loved it. Jeff has also fixed a few things around the house. The kitchen sink was having real problems draining. It would get backed up and when you turned on the garbage disposal water and junk would come out in the other drain. He went to the home improvement store and found a drain pipe with a baffle plate that blocks anything from going back up the other side. Now it drains perfectly and I don't have to turn my garbage disposal off and on for a second over and over again. Yipppeeeee!
Jeff got asked to help with the scouts. I think he would be an assistant scout master? Not sure though. He said he is going to mull it over for a bit before he decides.
I am actually thinking ahead this year and am planning our family picture for this Wednesday. My friend Marianne has agreed to take the pictures and her husband will help her scout out a cool architectural place at the U of O to take them. I might get the Christmas cards out before Christmas this year! Sure beats February- like last year (or this year, technically). Be on the lookout- I will post pictures after the shoot!

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