Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Lil Tiny Bags For M' Natalie

Natalie refers to her things a m'Natalie's (mine Natalie's). She also thinks anything she owns is lil tiny, because she is the little one in the family. So she took over a tote bag I made for Jessica and was so excited about it. She carried it around the house until we left to take it to Jessica. Jessica wasn't there, so we left it on the door. Natalie cried because she didn't get to see her, but more importantly, because we were leaving the bag. I promised to make her a bag. I finally got it done. (finally being a week or so later- which is actually pretty good, for me)
Of course, if I make one for Natalie then I must make one for Ashley and Alona as well. So off to the fabric store we went one day. Ashley was at school, so it was Alona, Natalie, and myself as Ashley had picked a fabric a while back. They each picked out two fabrics for a reversible bag.
I cut down the Amy Butler Swing Bag pattern I used previously for gifts. It is the perfect bag for the kids to take their coloring supplies to church. The pattern is quick and easy. I got each one done in less than 1 hour. Only took a little under 3 hours of my Saturday evening. The kids absolutely love them!

Ashley's is the lavender paisley bag. Alona picked out the ladybugs on green. Natalie liked the dots!

Alona wanted a picture in her new hat and scarf!

Ashley did, too! She put the hat on backwards!

Of course, Natalie insisted on a picture, too. Its like she's giving herself a hug! Awww!

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