Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On a roll!

A sewing roll, that is! I finished Natalie's curtains! Here is a picture of one side! The flash I have on my camera isn't good enough to take a full picture- it turns out too dark.

So here is my updated list(Why don't they have check marks in any fonts? Why am I stuck using a square root?):

√ 1. finish putting sewing room together
√ 2. sew curtains
√ 3. finish slipcover
4. paint all the trim everywhere in the house (ugh)
√ 5. clean Natalie's room (hahahahaha)
√ 6. find somewhere to store all the ominous bins of girls clothes they will grow into some day, but can't wear yet so I have to find somewhere to put them........
7. RELAX (if I can find the time)
8. Finish the quilts for √ 1. Ashley and 2. Alona

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