Sunday, November 30, 2008

How it's been.....

Obviously from the Thanksgiving pictures Charles was here. He got in around 1 pm on Thanksgiving. We sat down to eat about an hour later. The turkey was very juicy. They company was very pleasant. And, of course, dessert was yummy! We had dessert at my In-Law's house. Then we came back and ate more turkey, followed by a looong soak in the hot tub. Charles and I discussed our childhood. He remembers vividly the way I would get so annoyed with all the noise- in a family with 11 children there is a bit of noise. I was quite the loud mouth, always yelling at everyone. Not much has changed, hehehehe. We got a little Rock Band 2 in on Friday with Charles and pretty much did nothing all day. Actually, Jeff helped Josh work on the stereo system to his new car. Charles did the dishes! He is good at that. It is so nice to have a clean kitchen. Saturday, we took Charles out to Hole In The Wall BBQ for lunch. The kids went to a friends house, so it was just the adults. Then Charles left. Apparently my house is not conducive to studying. I was sad to see him go, but not until I burned him a couple Christmas CDs to listen to in the car. Then I took Ashley to Barnes and Noble where her ballet school was having a book fair/fundraising event. She got to see four girls perform. And she got the set of Felicity books from the American Girl collections. She is really getting into that now.
I have plenty of sewing projects for Christmas presents to keep me busy for the next couple weeks, so I am off to get started!

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  1. Hey you have a Mac? maybe that's why you can't see the posts. I haven't heard from anybody else...
    hope things are going good!


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